My interview with Kelsey Kitzman


This is my special interview with Kelsey Kitzman. She has been someone I have admired for quite some time now. I started following her fitness journey on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her fun personality and admired her strength and knowledge. Not only is she my coach helping me with my nutrition, but a dear friend.

Here is my interview with Kelsey:

1. What or who inspired you to start your fitness journey?

My parents- hands down! They have worked out longer than I have been alive. I was sick of not being able to do normal adult things since the birth of my son with my back pain. Now that I am strong I am pain free!


2. What keeps you motivated?

My son and boyfriend. I want Emmitt to see that when you have a hobby or goal you stick to it and that being healthy in your life is important. My boyfriend motivates me to always do better and that I am stronger than I think and to relax and enjoy that burger and fries now and again ;)


3. How do you feel working out has benefited your life? 

I am back pain free and can walk around and do normal things. After my son I was unable to vacuum for a period of time or clean, typically things that at the age of 24 you should be able to do. I also found so many great people in the fitness industry.


4. What is fitness related goal you hope to accomplish in the near future?

I am hoping to compete this year as my end goal.


5. What is one of the hardest things you had to overcome in your fitness journey?

Gaining weight! When I decided I really wanted to put on some muscle, feeling heavier, scale going up, and disappearance of abs was hard. Also, that nothing is all or nothing, balance is key to longevity and health in your fitness journey.

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