Health hacks for Military spouses

  1. Hydration. One of the biggest hacks that people look past, weather because its too easy and simple or they just don't think its important. Drinking a lot of water is HUGE when it comes to loosing weight. It makes your body feel 100x better and it helps you feel more full when going throughout your day! Try to drink around .5 ounces of water per pound of body weight you have. I personally make it a goal to hit at least a gallon of water a day. Am I perfect? no… but I have definitely tell the next day when I haven't had enough water to drink.

  2. Go to the gym every day. Even if you don't end up working out super hard, at least get some walking in on the treadmill or riding on the bike. This change of scenery will help rather than sitting home or being alone. Get out and be active! It not only will help physical health but it will help mentally.

  3. Stop eating out. When you eat out you loose control of ingredients and portion sizes. Learn some fun simple recipes and cook at home. This is a huge hack because a lot of our weight gain comes from un necessary calories in sauces and ingredients from eating out. Make it fun and try some healthy recipes at home!

  4. Eat what you want. You don't need to eat green’s green’s green’s. I find it a lot harder to eat a small amount of food when I just eat greens. Eat foods you actually like, just control your per potions.

  5. Enjoy life! Stop beating yourself up, just slowly work each day and make good habits. You’ll get there eventually. Have fun along the way!

  6. Bonus hack! Count your macro nutrients. What is that? Its where you not only count your calories each day, but you track how much protein fats and carbs you eat. By regulating this and keeping it well balanced, you will feel healthy, sexy, and confident in your skin. Make it a goal to be super consistent for a few months. If you did this during your spouses deployment, you could have your dream body by the time they come home!

    If you need help in how to track your macro’s read my book Weight Loss Simplified. I wrote it to be a simple quick diet plan to help anyone have success!

    The book is available here

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