What’s more important, cardio or weights?


What’s more important, cardio or weights?


Some benefits of cardio are extra calorie burn which can aid in fat loss, increased lung capacity and overall heart health.


Some benefits of weight lifting are increased calorie burn not only during the exercise but long after. Increased muscle strength, preventing common injuries. Better body composition. And overall heart health as well.


So which is more important? Well both are important in my opinion. But I would rank weight lifting a bit higher. In the long run you get more bang for your buck with weight lifting and moderate amounts of cardio can be added to create a bigger calorie deficit and keep your endurance levels high.


As a very general rule I would suggest 30-40 minutes of weightlifting 4-5 days a week. With 2-3 cardio sessions lasting around 20 min. Intensity and frequency would vary depending on individual goals.

Shane BowthorpeComment