5 tips for your new workout routine



I can guarantee the person next to you won’t remember if your shoes matched your tank top or if you left sweat on the bench or if you dropped the 5lbs weight on accident. They are there to do their own thing and move on. I can promise you they are thinking more about them and their body then you. And  

Guess what! Everyone single person that steps foot in a gym has had their awkward, nerve-racking  “first day” or “first week” at the gym. We all have to start somewhere.

2. Take it slow.

Don’t overdo it in the first couple days of your workouts causing you to be so sore you can’t possibly go workout again. Also you want to be very careful not to get injured. Start with light weight and work your way up!

3. Don’t get discouraged.

Do not beat yourself up if you have not lost a pound after going to the gym for a week. Weight loss and muscle growth take time! Lots of time! So be patient.

4. Stay consistent!

The more consistent you are with your diet and workout routine the more progress you will see. A weekend of bad eating can ruin a weeks worth of good dieting and hard workouts.

5. Stick to the plan!

If after a couple weeks of dieting and working out you haven’t lost what you’d hoped to have lost or seen the progress you wanted to this does not mean cut calories and add cardio. Not much is more detrimental than slashing calories and adding loads of cardio when your body is already in a deficit. Just stick to your set diet and workout routine and trust the process. Progress will come.

Shane BowthorpeComment