The Diet with food you love


There is so much controversy out there with diets for fat loss. Ranging from High carb, to keto, to no sugar, to paleo, etc.

The problem with these diets is that they are restricting one or more specific macro nutrients. By doing this you may see a little bit of weight loss, but it doesn't last. Any time you restrict foods so intensely like this you end up just setting yourself up for failure. This is because your body is meant to have all these macro nutrients ( Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates ) When you deprive your body of these macronutrients, it starts to crave them. Then when you finally go on a break from your diet and eat the stuff you have been avoiding, your body than thinks it will never get it again! This causes your body to store these calories and converts them to fat.

This helps explain why no diets really work. Unless you could keep it up for the rest of your life…..

But there is an easier answer to this problem.

Professor Mark Haub, from Kansas State University, Decided to do an experiment. Haub went 2 months with only eating what he could find at a gas station. He called it the Twinkey diet. As long as he got each of his macronutrients he needed and kept his calories under 1800 he was able to loose weight. After two months he lost 27 pounds, his High cholesterol was lowered, and he felt healthier and had more energy.

Hi diet consisted of eating things like Twinkey’s, Oreo cookies, and even diet soda. He ate these things literally every day.

Why did this result in so much success? It is because the body’s metabolism is only capable of burning so many calories each day. Our metabolisms can not keep up with the modern food we eat and the amount we think we need to eat.

So when you hear about these popular diets that work, they only work because you limit yourself on calories.

Finding a healthy balance of all three of these macronutrients and keeping your body in a calorie deficit is the easiest and healthiest way to lose weight. You can literally eat what ever you want. it does not matter where the calories come from, as long as you keep your body in a deficit.

Now i’m not recommending you go and eat gas station food for 2 months. But I am saying enjoy the food you love, but track it and keep in under your daily calorie limit.